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Teaching Taekwondo for 25 years telling stories of kindness  and helpfulness, what did the students say what did the parents say?


My son and I came in for a free trial class. Master Adam and his class were very welcoming and there was a lovely energy throughout the group. I found Master Adam to be a very patient and engaging teacher.
- Eric L  

We wanted to get our daughter involved in a program that would enable her to build confidence and be able to defend herself; we got so much more! Our daughter is more focused, has a better attitude, is working harder in school, and has a real drive to succeed in her Taekwondo journey. Master Adam Forest and his program have been wonderful for our family. You can see his dedication and investment in the growth of his students. His positive reinforcement and class structure combined with his ability and passion for teaching the students make Valley Taekwondo an excellent choice for anyone looking to enroll their child in Taekwondo.
- Donna Z  


Courtney G.

I highly recommend this practice to any who are looking for something that will build them or their children in more ways than just physically. The instructors were always incredibly supportive and saw my potential to do better than I thought I could. Often, we would talk about respect and what it means to have compassion for people. I feel like this experience is one of many which molded me into who I am today. The masters at this club were truly masters of the art, and not just because they knew what kick or position would be best to defeat your target. They were masters because they took time to individually mentor all of us students in a way that I haven't experienced from other sport/team leaders since this time. The club is under excellent management that are fair to people from all walks of life. Again, I highly recommend this club if you want a full Tae Kwon Do experience.

Sheridan Clifford 

“The Adventures of Wise Owl is sure to start a meaningful conversation with your child about human kindness. In this book, generosity is more valuable than competition. A rare find and unique take on the concept of empathy!"